"Eileen gets my highest recommendation as an Executive Coach. Her coaching has been invaluable to me in a period of significant business transformation and with her guidance I was able to identify barriers to progress and determine the right actions to take. Eileen is very skilled at asking the tough questions that helped me see things from a different perspective. She has a great ability to probe for what is really important, to listen carefully and suggest real tangible actions. Eileen's coaching has helped transform my leadership style and I feel the skills and tools that I have learned will be invaluable to me throughout my career."

Senior Executive, Multi-National, Shannon
Executive Coaching

“You are a consummate professional and have been from Day 1. I did all my workshops with you and you were always the same regardless of how large or small the room or group, the dynamics or who was in the group. You always brought it back whenever someone was being smart or awkward in a way which never singled anyone out or made them feel conscious. I am only now realising the foundation and help you have given……..”

Senior Client facing Redundancy
Career Transition

"Eileen proved to be everything a great coach should be. Professional, caring, supportive, effective, creative, challenging, thought provoking ...the list goes on. Most of all I think it accurate to say Eileen is made to work with other people as she brings the best out in them. I've been involved in education and training for over 20 years and it is rare to find someone of Eileen's natural ability. My life has moved mountains thanks to Eileen."

John Curry

"I consider myself really fortunate to have had Eileen guide me in a series of life coaching sessions. With her guidance I was able to determine what was important to me and where I should be putting my energy. She empowered me to jettison stuff that was negative and unimportant. So if you are at a crossroads, I would unreservedly recommend Eileen of Nucleus Coaching.......She is fantastic."

Aine Purcell

“Thank you Eileen for all your help. I have secured my job because of you, you picked me off the ground and gave me confidence……”

Career Transition

"Eileen was a fantastic facilitator and everyone was made feel at ease. Everyone's opinion was valued and there was a very broad range of topics covered"

E. Stack