• Eileen Woodford

We're never too old to learn new things!

It's so easy to say 'no' to learning new things and taking on board new ideas - so easy. Why would we bother, sure it's fine the way it is, or 'you can't teach an old dog new tricks!'.

But that's not me!! To me that would be dreadful, stale mate, stagnant and for those of you who know me stagnant is not a word that would come to mind. I am more ever-moving, constantly doing and endlessly curious - I just love learning and finding out whatever it is. I adore the buzz of having learned something new.

My father had an incredible curiosity and I am thrilled I picked that up. Every new thing was a wonder and it is something my husband & I have carried on all through our life constantly going on adventures (don't get overly interested - this could be a made up adventure to a nearby lake, but it is the mindset that is important).

Learning is key to so much in this world.

- How to understand and manage ourselves and our relationships

- How to reach out and help others.

- How to improve our skills and become more employable.

- How to increase our leadership ability.

- How to understand human rights and speak up for ourselves and others.

- How to understand what is going on with our world, the climate emergency and our impact.

- How to flip pancakes

- How to ask for help and so much more............

You'll notice not all of that list was skills based as there is so much more to learning than just increasing your skills. Education is learning everything you can about yourself, your world and whatever else comes your way. Education is school / college based, life based, fun based, adventure based, it is wherever you learn and can apply.

My father always said "Education is an easy burden to carry" and he wasn't just referring to school. He had a great belief in having a go at things and if you made a mistake then try it a different way - a

total growth mindset. He respected the eagerness to try and put in the effort, Dr Carol Dweck would have been proud of him.

So all I ask of you is have a go, learn something new. Dip your toe in the pond before you dive in but don't prevent yourself from enjoying the thrill of learning something.......I'm still trying to learn how to flip a pancake!!!!