• Eileen Woodford

Learn how to free yourself from anxieties with these 8 easy steps

In this ever changing world we 're living in we need to be able to adapt and change or we will be left behind, and this is especially true in our careers. No more can we train for a job, secure it and stay there day in day out. No, we need to continuously learn and grow within the position.

As a Leader the demands for this ability to be able to adapt and change is even higher, as you are leading people and companies who need to function efficiently within this changing environment - you need to be Agile, and agility like everything else is a skill which can be learned and honed.

The definition of Agile is: "Relating to or denoting a method of project management, used especially for software development, that is characterized by the division of tasks into short phases of work and frequent reassessment and adaptation of plans."agile methods replace high-level design with frequent redesign" ".

The key words here are; frequent, reassessment, adaptation, re-design. Being agile is also being able to move quickly and easily and in terms of work/career that is what is needed. So not only do you need to be able to re-assess and adapt, you also need to be able to do this in a time efficient manner.

One of my favourite quotes is "write your plans in pencil" and in terms of the rate of change in business this is relevant. Fear of change is often a stumbling block for us, and as a Leader if this is the case and you let it prevent you from being open to changes/demands, then this could be seen as lack of Leadership Ability.

If you are like this and think you don't like change, assess your career and ask yourself 'what changes have I had to deal with in my career to date?' You could be very surprised with the changes you have dealt with and how well you managed them. If this is the case and you were able to do it previously, then you will be able to do it again. All you have to do is take the first step and keep going.

An Emotional Intelligence Leadership Assessment is also a fantastic way of assessing where you are in relation to change and Leadership, and having a plan to move forward. It looks at all the relevant areas and measures how you compare to a "gold bar" of successful Leaders and will point out any possible areas of derailment (Impulse Control, Stress Tolerance, Problem Solving and Independence) for you as a Leader.

These areas can then be worked on and improved with a detailed plan.

If you are interested in taking an Emotional Intelligence Leadership Assessment or would like further information, please feel free to contact me

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