• Eileen Woodford

Do you know your signals?

I was tired today, so tired, but it was a mental tiredness. I had a great night’s sleep but woke up as if I hadn’t slept for a week. I did my usual when I got up, went straight into my desk and began my morning meditation (which I love and get straight into), but this morning it was a complete struggle – too tired, far too tired.

So I decided I’d start work and opened email – but again no way could I concentrate. I checked the diary for the day and fortunately there was nowhere I had to be and the few calls could be re-scheduled as there was something more pressing – I needed mental space, downtime. I needed time for me.

So now at 4pm I’m sitting waiting to have my hair done and I’ve had a simple lovely day. I had breakfast, showered and went to town to do the weekly shop and had a leisurely coffee with my other half. Came home and had lunch and sat chatting and then back to town to collect phone from repair and headed to hairdressers and with 30 mins to spare went into a café, sat on the big comfy sofa and had a coffee (all decaf by the way) by myself, on my own and relaxed.

So that’s my day so far and I feel so much the better for it. We have so much going on in our lives these days that we keep going until it’s time to stop which happened me this morning which is ok. The problem is when you ignore the signals, when you keep going regardless and think everything will be ok – it won’t. If you try to fight that mental tiredness it will affect your mental health and will lead to more problems, deeper problems and problems more difficult to sort then having a few hours to yourself.

I have things in place to look after myself as I have a lot going on at the moment – meditation, daily exercise, good nutrition etc and I am aware of the signals when I know I need that little bit more.

·        Do you know your signals?

·        Do you know when it is time to stop?

·        Are you looking after your mental health?

·        Tomorrow is not the time to start, start right now! 

#selfawareness #mentalhealth #wellbeing